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204 Sq Ft Climbing Gym

S1/EP13 |
Aired: January 18, 2019
Vince and Sam work hard and play harder. They love to rock climb and go hiking with their dog; they want a tiny house that fits their fun-loving lifestyle. 43:24

192 Sq Ft Launch Pad

S1/EP12 |
Aired: January 14, 2019
Brian is a thrill seeking bachelor. A hang gliding enthusiast, Brian spends most of his time in the sky. He wants a tiny house on the ground so he can continue to pursue his passions. 00:00

264 Sq Ft Honeymoon Suite

S1/EP11 |
Aired: January 7, 2019
A Little Rock couple builds a 264 sq. foot mobile honeymoon pad as they prepare to get married and hit the road as traveling nurses. 00:00